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The Best that India has to offer, all at one place

Wooden toys from Karnataka or puppets from Rajasthan terracotta from West Bengal or coir products from Kerala. There are thousands of skills and crafts, like these, across India.  Each of these creations are not just utilitarian objects but an expression of the skill, creativity, dedication and time-honoured traditions. They are handcrafted and uniquely individual items with no two being exactly the same. Using and enjoying one of these creations is a joy that cannot be experienced with mass produced products.

Naturally, there are a lot of people who would want the pleasure of getting one of these you might find it – till now – not as easy as you would imagine. Locating one of these amongst the millions of products on ecommerce stores is not for the faint hearted and getting to a physical store is practically impossible. 

These products need a platform that’s dedicated to them. Mintorie’s goal is to be such a platform. Where you, as a discerning customer, will find what you care about easily  – since every product available on Mintorie celebrates these artisans. 

Mintorie is not just great for people looking for these gems. It is equally good for the creators. Mintorie understands their needs and works with them with care and understanding to help them get the most out of a digital platform. 

Our Team

We are a small team. Tiny even. Yet we have great ambitions and a vision to make a difference.

Rashmi Tanksali



Mintorie is an innovation from Stori Innovations Pvt Ltd.

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